The study of Art aims to provide the student with a set of personal attitudes and qualities as well as skills and processes and a sense of the aesthetic. Through practical engagement in the areas of art, craft and design students will develop self-confidence, inquisitiveness, imagination, and creativity. They will also develop authentic, real world problem-solving capacities and the capacity to work over time, as an individual and in groups, on the design and execution of artistic and aesthetic tasks.

Students will experience the authentic visual art processes of imagining, investigating, experimenting, making, displaying and evaluating.

For their 11-week taster in First Year, students will experience a broad overview of art processes such as an introduction to typography and graphic design through graffiti lettering, exploring local narratives through book-making, understanding cross-curricular links with subjects such as Sustainability through recycled paper-making and upcycled crafts. Students will co-design this introductory learning experience with their art teacher.

In Second and Third Year, students will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to produce and to engage with authentic and original art, craft and design work.They will begin to develop the visual literacy, critical skills and language necessary to engage with contemporary culture. Students will be given the option to complete two research-based projects connected to two themes of their choice which they explore through a variety of mediums in each year. The structure of these two years will incorporate elements of the new Junior Cycle course structure but will also provide opportunities for students to co-create and peer-educate as part of their two years studying art at our school.

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