• Inspiring talk by Sinead Burke

    Inspiring talk by Sinead Burke

    Last week Sinead Burke came to our school and gave an inspiring speech about life being a little person. Her speech involved talking about the daily struggles of her life. Sinead, who is 3 foot […]

  • Organic Food Growing

    Organic Food Growing

    Last week saw the first organic food growing workshop with NWETSS parents/guardians/carers and Headlands residents  - with Kate our Sustainability teacher and workshop facilitator Kristin.

  • Co-curricular Activities

    Co-curricular activities commence on Monday 18th September. From rock band to war-gaming, drama to basketball, green schools to debating - there’s something for everyone! Timetable available here: https://www.northwicklowetsecondary.ie/co-curricular-activities/