sinead-burkeLast week Sinead Burke came to our school and gave an inspiring speech about life being a little person. Her speech involved talking about the daily struggles of her life.

Sinead, who is 3 foot 5 inches is a primary school teacher in county Meath. She is bubbly, funny, inspiring and motivational. She regaled us with ways in which she overcome her struggles and how she remains positive and motivated. She spoke of some of the day to day difficulties she faces, like going to public bathrooms, getting on and off the Dart-little things we take for granted!

One of the main highlights and most poignant moments of the speech was when she received a phone call from radio broadcaster. This broadcaster asked,”when was the first time you realized you weren’t normal?” Sinead responded by saying, “what is normal?” The hall gasped, we found this an astonishing answer. Throughout her life Sinead has also met some incredible people such as: Michelle Obama, Saoirse Ronan and Jedward!

Overall we loved having her come into our school and we all wish her the best!

By Abby and Eliza in First Year