All students take Citizenship for 40 minutes weekly throughout the school year. Citizenship is studied as a strand of CSPE and forms part of the core subjects but is not an exam subject in the Junior Cycle Certificate.
Each student is encouraged to value their democratic right to participate and contribute to maintaining a fair, just and environmentally friendly society. Students aim to always exercise respect for all social groups, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, cultures and people of all abilities. We strive to engage the students in lessons, debates and projects that avoid the “us” and “them” mentality, the “developed country” versus “the developing country”, “the able” versus “disabled” divide of our community.

We aim to develop emotional and critical thinking by understanding and researching various societal issues. Students are encouraged to develop their own solutions for scenarios linked to their own community and every day experience.
As part of an being an active citizen, we aim to motivate students to become aware and to be up to date with current affairs, elections, and political and environmental issues that concern the individual, their school, their local and national community as well as the global community.

We consult various websites for specific projects:
Homelessness in Bray project:
Gender equality:
Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Restorative Practice: