We offer a wide range of sporting, musical, cultural, linguistic and scientific activities – both at lunchtime and after school.  All these activities are free of charge and we encourage students to make the most of these amazing opportunities.

Please note: After-school activities will last for one hour.

Timetable download: Co-curricular Programme Term 1 September 2018

Football Club with Paul and Mick: The football club is open to all students regardless of previous experience and skill level. Each training session will focus on one of the following skills; shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, fitness and decision making. We will take part in competitive games if students demonstrate the relevant commitment in training sessions. The main aim of the club is to give all involved the opportunity to develop in an inclusive and friendly environment.

Homework Club with Fiona: Homework club provides a supervised environment in which students can spend time on their homework and projects.

Athletics with Emer and Jamie: Students will learn the techniques of running whilst participating in short and long distance training. We will also learn how to participate in hurdles, long jump, discus, shot putt and javelin. As a school we will be competing in the Combines in The National Sports Arena in September and the East Leinsters, Santry in May. We will also participate in a number of cross country events and relays throughout the course of the year.

Band Practice with Neil: This music performance club will involve singing in small and large groups and a rock/ instrumental clinic. We aim to promote a love of music performance and to see music-making part of the social fabric of the school.

Cookery Club: Cookery club will give students an opportunity to cook. It is run by Jack in Third Year. Members will have an input as to what is cooked from week to week. Students will be expected to bring ingredients and work as teams to prepare their dishes.

Music Ensemble with Dara: Music Ensemble is open to all students who want to play an instrument in a relaxed, fun environment. Students can bring their own, or use the classroom instruments. No prior experience is necessary. Music Ensemble students will have the opportunity to perform at various points during the school year.

Choir with Dara: Choir involves group singing in a fun, relaxed environment with performance opportunities for school occasions and throughout the year. Choir is open to all students who enjoy singing. Learning music has many proven academic and health benefits, with membership of a choir being among the best practices for positive impacts on wellbeing and mental health. Members will gain most benefit from attending rehearsals regularly. Through choir we aim to build confidence and promote a love of music.

Basketball with Emer: Students need to wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms and runners. All equipment will be provided but please bring a bottle of water. Students will learn: shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, to play offence, team work, fitness and agility. There will be minor and junior boys and girls teams participating in the South East Basketball League.

Drama with Dara and Beartla: Students need to wear comfortable clothes that will allow them to move freely. Club content: improvisation, accents, tone, expression, monologues, dialogues and use of props. Students will have the opportunity to perform a piece of work for the teachers and staff.

Games and Friendship Club with Aisling, Lorraine and Úna: The games and friendship club is open to all students every Wednesday lunch time. The students can come to the club and play various games such as pool, wii fit and wii sports, and a selection of board games. The club gives students a small safe space to socialise and expand their friendship groups. They can meet regularly on a weekly basis with students from different classes and clans. The main aim of the club is to give all students involved the chance to develop friendships in a safe, inclusive, friendly environment.

Student Council with Aisling: The Student Council is a representative body through which students in the school can make a valuable contribution and become involved in the affairs of the school. The student council works in partnership with school management and staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. The Student Council provides an opportunity for students to make their voice heard . The committed students will also learn to develop their communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. Moreover, the contribution made by a Student Council to the development of school policy in a number of areas can have significant benefits for students and the school.

Poetry/Performance Club with Niamh: This club will focus initially on the poetry aloud competition which involves performing poetry. We will also then focus on practising short scenes for performance.  You will have an opportunity to develop and practise your acting skills and have fun working with others. All are welcome.

Descriptions of other clubs on the timetable will follow shortly.