We offer a wide range of sporting, musical, cultural, linguistic and scientific activities – both at lunchtime and after school.  All these activities are free of charge and we encourage students to make the most of these amazing opportunities.  See full details and timetable below:



Timetable download: Co-curricular Programme

Enterprise Club with Paul: The Student Enterprise involves students developing a business idea or product which we will then put in to action and bring that product to market. Students will come up with a prototype, carry out market research on their idea, manufacture, market and distribute their product to willing local stockists. If the product is successful, we will then enter a local competition, and a national competition if successful at local level. Students learn essential life and business skills from this activity including collaboration, communication, design, marketing, planning and manufacturing.

Music/Rock Band with Dara and Neil: This music performance club will involve singing in small and large groups and a rock/ instrumental clinic. We aim to promote a love of music performance and to see music-making part of the social fabric of the school. Performance events will take place during the school year.

Choir with Dara: Choir involves group singing in a fun, relaxed environment with performance opportunities for school occasions and throughout the year. Choir is open to all students who enjoy singing. Learning music has many proven academic and health benefits, with membership of a choir being among the best practices for positive impacts on wellbeing and mental health. Members will gain most benefit from attending rehearsals regularly. Through choir we aim to build confidence and promote a love of music.

Music Instrument Tasters with Dara: These are short introductions to a variety of instruments. Interested students are invited to come and try out instruments, e.g. the piano, violin, ukulele or guitar, at lunchtimes on Mondays and Thursdays. Each instrument trial will last a number of weeks and then graduate to a new instrument. Students with prior experience are invited to lend a hand and share their expertise with the groups. Those with their own, or spare, instruments are encouraged to bring them along in order to get the most from the taster lesson. We aim to promote a love of music through performance and to help inform those interested in taking up an instrument.

Languages Club with Cathy and Karla: This is a multi-lingual club focusing on the three languages currently on offer in our school – Spanish, German and Irish. We will be focusing on fun, interactive games & activities and preparing for various festivals that are celebrated in those countries. All students are welcome!

Basketball Club with Emer: Students need to wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms and runners. All equipment will be provided but please bring a bottle of water. Students will learn: shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, to play offence, team work, fitness and agility. The boys participating will have the opportunity to play competitively in the East Dublin Basketball League which begins in January.

Green Schools with Kate: This activity will have two main focuses: Green Flag & Young Environmentalist Awards. We will work together to set up our ‘Green’ school, through practical & fun tasks, to highlight to the school community important ways to help the environment. We will work towards getting the first Green Flag for NWETSS for ‘Waste & Litter’ and prepare and carry out an action in the local community, decided by the students, which we will enter into the 2017 Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards in Dublin.  This club will run each week, alternately at lunchtimes and after school.

Boxercise with Mick: Get fit, have fun and challenge yourself! Boxercise takes place every Wednesday in the hall. It is an intense 45 minutes which involves 6 fitness circuits, boxing technique and repetitive movement to some of your favourite songs. Regular attendance will result in you becoming fitter, stronger and more resilient in your everyday life. You might also get the chance to laugh at some struggling, unfit teachers!  

STEM Club with Fiona and Neil: STEM club aims to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and maths. We will make science videos for the first term and enter the Reel Life Science Competition. We will also conduct lots of exciting experiments, such as making bath bombs, balloon rockets, rainbow reactions, screaming jelly babies and custard bouncy balls.

Spanish Language Club with Karla: This club will take place at lunchtime on Thursdays in school. We will focus on developing the students’ spoken Spanish through singing, games, apps and Skyping other Educate Together Secondary Schools in Spanish. In the long term our aim is to engage in Skype conversations with a Spanish school.

Drama Club with Emer: Students need to wear comfortable clothes that will allow them to move freely. Club content: improvisation, accents, tone, expression, monologues, dialogues and use of props. Students will have the opportunity to perform a piece of work for the teachers and staff.

Book Club with Emer: Students will: read shared context for discussion, have peer recommendations of books, make new friends and connections, prepare discussion questions, enjoy book related activities and engage in story writing. There will be a book club brainstorm where we will find a book to read together, before purchasing one please check your nearest library for the book or ask a friend.