What subjects will First Years study in 2018?

All students will take English, Gaeilge (unless an exemption has been granted), Mathematics, Science, Spanish. There are tasters in Music, Business Studies, Art, Technology, Technical Graphics and Materials (Wood) Technology. Students decide towards the end of first year which of these subjects they will do for Junior Cycle certification. A Curriculum Committee at the school will examine provision of other subjects at Junior Cycle in 2017/ 2018. Any changes to our curriculum will be advised here.

Will I definitely get my preferred choice?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that students will get their preferred choice of subjects. We will certainly do our best to accommodate as many students as possible.

What short courses do you do?

Short courses are timetabled for one hour per week / 100 hours over three years. We currently offer Education for Sustainability, Coding, Artistic Performance, CSI Forensics and CSPE.

What else is on the curriculum?

We currently offer two hours of PE per week. We also do SPHE and Ethical Education.

What will your Transition Year Look like?

Transition Year will be compulsory for all students. A working group was established in November 2017 to look at the provision of a Transition Year programme in 2019. This working group will look at best practice in other schools and look at ways of aligning our ethos to what we offer.

What subjects will be available for Leaving Certificate?

Our first Leaving Certificate class will sit their examinations in June 2022. By the time they need to make their subject choices in 2020, we will offer a full range of Leaving Certificate subjects.