Ethical Education is an inquiry into topics such as diversity, values, ethical decision making, equality and migration. The subject is taught in a topical way with a view to our changing society. It invites students and teachers to engage with issues and problems facing society and aims to develop the skills of critical thinking, discussion, verbal and written debate and presentation. The development of these skills is achieved via the analysis of the rich stimulus available to us, for example, in the current world climate, students will debate Donald Trump’s immigration policy, discuss the impact that stories such as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ can have on society and reflect on personal values and how they help to form and inspire us. Throughout this course, the broad aim is to help our students to develop spiritually and think critically, empowering them to make a difference to their world and communities.

Ethical Education embodies the values of an Educate Together secondary school. It promotes democracy, respect and equality. Following on from the Learn Together Ethical Education Curriculum at primary level, it allows students to ‘Learn Together to Live Together’.