Questions and Answers for Parents and Students


What time does school open and close? School starts at 8.35am with a 10-minute registration. The school opens at 8.20am to receive students. There are six one-hour classes, as well as a 20-minute short break and 40 minutes for lunch. School finishes at 3.45pm except on Fridays when we close at 1.05pm. Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during break or lunch.

Office Hours are usually: Monday to Wednesday from 8.30am until 4pm; Thursday and Friday from 8.30am until 12.30pm. Please be patient if you can’t get through to us straight away. We will return your call.

What is the dress code? There is no uniform. However, please note that clothes worn should be clean and well-maintained with no rips. Clothing with offensive slogans is prohibited. We require that underwear is not on show and that hoods on hoodies are kept down in class and on the corridor. False nails are not allowed. Long hair will need to be tied up in some classes for health and safety reasons. It is suggested that comfort and practicality should be the main considerations for sartorial decisions.

What do students call their teachers? All members of the school community refer to each other by their first names.

What extra-curricular activities are there? Extra-curricular activities will commence during the third full week of term. Drama, basketball, music and a range of other cultural, academic and sporting clubs will operate at lunchtime and after school. A timetable of these activities is available here.

What are the arrangements for dropping off and collecting students? Supervision of students is available from 8.20am. Students not involved in after-school activities should leave the premises at the end of the school day. We would ask that you arrange for collection of students immediately after school. Please drop students off outside the front door in the morning You are welcome to make an appointment to see a member of staff through the school office or by email. The school is locked up at 5pm.

Who do I contact if I am worried about my child? In general, please use the following lines of communication:

  1. If you are concerned about a particular subject, then contact the subject teacher.
  2. If you are concerned that your child is anxious or worried about something, then please contact their Clan Tutor or the school Guidance Counsellor.
  3. If you have a question about finance, admissions or other day-to-day issues then please contact Lisa Scanlan, School Administrator on 01 282 9606 or

What is the school policy on mobile phones? Mobile phones should be switched off and placed in a locked locker. They should not be used during break, at lunchtime or during the school day unless otherwise directed by a member of staff.

What areas of the school are out of bounds? The raised grass area at the back of the school unless accompanied by a teacher, the derelict building beside the school which is fenced off, the land with the white fence perimeter to the front of the school unless accompanied by a teacher.

Students need to stay off the road to the side and at the front and back of the school. This road is owned by the Presentation Order and is used as a local access route. Parents/ Guardians/ Carers are urged to drive VERY slowly up to and around the school.

What can I do to help my child settle into school? By helping them to come to school on time and with everything they need. Encourage involvement in extra-curricular activities. Don’t be too quick to facilitate sick days. By encouraging good habits around sleep, screen time, eating, exercise and homework are essential. By reading school emails and keep an eye on the website so that you know what’s going on at school. By contacting us if you are concerned or if you notice anything that worries you.

What IT access is useful at home? Access to a basic computer or tablet is useful. Access to the school administration system VSWare (where you can access reports and check attendance) is via a password which will be sent to you early in the year. Your child will have access to Outlook 365 and to Schoology using a password which will be given to them at the start of the year.

What kind of behaviour do we expect? We hope that students will be kind, open-minded, polite and that they will always give of their best. We hope that they will take pride in their school community and that they will look out for each other. Students should note that we will not tolerate bullying or disrespectful behaviour. We expect that all members of the school community will engage with each other with courtesy and consideration.

How can parents become involved in school life? We welcome offers of help from parents/ guardians/ carers. If you have a skill which you can share, then please drop us an email. Before we can proceed, you will need to be vetted. We will let you know how to proceed after you contact us.

How are lockers managed? Your school administration charge covers the cost of a lock which will be given to students. Lockers are checked in the presence of students on a regular basis to ensure that books and equipment are well organised.

School Canteen: The school canteen operates each day and sells a variety of wraps, salads and some hot selections.

What is the school ethos?
The sole patron of our school is Educate Together. The Educate Together ethos is based on equality of access to a learner-focused, co-educational and democratically run school experience.

Where will the permanent location of the school be?
Our permanent location will be on Novara Avenue in Bray. We do not yet have an exact date for building to commence.

Do you have an ASD class?
Our ASD class opened in September 2017.