¡Bienvenidos a todos!

Welcome to the Spanish language page. Spanish is taught to all students at our school and is a core subject for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert.
We aim to facilitate the learning of Spanish in a way that is appealing to the students, while at the same time giving them the skills they need to successfully access the language and meet the requirements of the state exams.

Students are actively engaged in activities and tasks which integrate the five language skills of listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction and writing. Speaking and listening are an essential part of any language learning and these skills are an important focus in our teaching. We endeavour to give students a sense of the rich, varied culture and traditions there are in Spanish speaking countries. We want them to become aware of and reflect on the diversity of these societies and make comparisons with their own.

We promote cross-curricular activities wherever appropriate to enhance their communicative and thinking skills. We encourage them to think globally by developing their socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness in order to make them feel truly part of an international society.
Technology plays a key role in making language learning and language use more accessible and enjoyable for our students. Language learning online via sites such as Duolingo and Quizlet are an important part of our language learning strategy.

Vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation practise are key skills each student can practise independently at home or at school.
A positive attitude to learning another language can open up a whole world of opportunities and experiences to the learner. We want your children to avail of those opportunities and become confident and proficient second language Spanish speakers.

To quote Nelson Mandela,‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.