Our belief is that music can be a great way for young people to express themselves and explore their creative sides, to support their brain development and benefit their mental health. Music has the power to build confidence and self-esteem, promote engagement with the school and wider community, aid academic achievements and give students skills like teamwork, communication and problem-solving.

Music students at our school engage in a range of musical activities including listening, composing and performing and are challenged to explore their own musical identity and to understand how music can be a passion for many people around the world.

We believe that music should always be inclusive - so that every student in a school regardless of background and experience, has the opportunity to access music education and activities. We offer a variety of music classes and co-curricular activities to meet students’ educational needs and interests. To enhance learning, music and artistic performance students are offered opportunities to experience the arts through educational concerts, and through student performances. Those who do not choose to study music or artistic performance in class can still participate in our music club, choir and instrumental tasters during lunchtimes and after school.

Let music belong to everyone” - Zoltan Kodaly

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