Europe/Dublin Europe/Dublin Europe/Dublin 20171029T020000 +0100 +0000 GMT 20180325T010000 +0000 +0100 IST 20171117T023110Z 20170829 20170830 0 Wicklow Head Walk free 20171117T023110Z 20170908 20170909 0 School Closed – Bridge 21 ET Collaboration Day free 20171117T023110Z 20170918 20170919 0 Co-curricular activities commence free 20171117T023110Z 20170920 20170921 0 Immunisations for first years free 20171117T023110Z 20170929 20170930 0 School closed free 20171117T023110Z 20171004 20171005 0 Soar First Year Workshop free 20171117T023110Z 20171013 20171014 0 International Day for Failure free 20171117T023110Z 20171017 20171022 0 Maths Week free 20171117T023110Z Student workshops will take place throughout the day. A workshop for parents will take place at 12.45pm to 1.45pm 20171027 20171028 0 Shout Out (LGBT) Workshops free 20171117T023110Z 20171114 20171115 0 School closed – exceptional school closure. SESS ASD training day. DES sanctioned. free 20171117T023110Z 20171120 20171121 0 Anti-bullying and “Stand Up” week free 20171117T023110Z 20171130 20171201 0 School closed for Junior Cycle staff training free 20171117T023110Z The PSA are helping to organise phase one of our yard renewal project.  Please contact Seamus Young for details – 20171203 20171204 0 Meithal (work day) free 20171117T023110Z 20180312 20180317 0 Seachtain na Gaelige free 20171117T023110Z 20180316 20180317 0 School closed for St. Patrick’s Day holiday free 20171117T023110Z 20180507 20180508 0 School closed for May bank holiday free 20171117T023110Z 20180529 20180530 0 Sports Day free 20171117T023110Z 20180531 20180601 0 Wicklow Head Walk free 20171117T023110Z 20170825T083500 0 Welcome First Years to NWETSS – Start School @8.35am free 1 20171117T023110Z 20170828T083500 0 Second Years Back to School free 1 20171117T023110Z 20170918T183000 20170918T203000 0 Information Evening for 2018 First Years free 20171117T023110Z 20170920T193000 20170920T210000 0 Information Evening for First Year parents/guardians/carers free 20171117T023110Z 20170926T200000 20170926T230000 0 PSA Table Quiz free 20171117T023110Z 20171006T100000 20171006T110000 0 Guest speaker Sinead Burke will talk to all students free 20171117T023110Z 20171009T203000 20171009T220000 0 PSA Committee Meeting free 20171117T023110Z 20171011T084500 20171013T130000 0 Assessment Week 1 free 20171117T023110Z 20171018T100000 20171018T100000 0 Admissions open for First Year 2019 entry via online application free 20171117T023110Z 20171026T193000 20171026T203000 0 Information Evening for 2018 First Years free 20171117T023110Z 20171027T140000 20171027T150000 0 School closes for mid-term break free 20171117T023110Z 20171030T083000 20171103T144500 0 Mid-term break free 20171117T023110Z 20171106T083000 20171106T093000 0 School resumes after mid-term break free 20171117T023110Z Assessment week for students (8.35 to 1.05pm each day from Wednesday 8th to Monday 13th November). School will close each day at 1.05pm to facilitate strategy meetings, activities in the student council and assessment work. 20171108T084500 20171113T130000 0 Assessment week and early school closure – Wednesday 8th to Monday 13th November free 20171117T023110Z Our school is holding an Open Night for prospective students and parents/guardians/carers on Thursday 16th November from 5.30 – 8pm. There will be a presentation by the Principal at 6pm and again at 7.30pm.  All welcome – please just drop in on the night. We look forward to seeing you.  NWETSS, Putland Road, Bray. 20171116T173000 20171116T200000 0 Open Night free 20171117T023110Z ShoutOut workshop for parents/guardians/carers on transphobic and homophobic bullying in secondary schools. 20171120T124500 20171120T134500 0 ShoutOut Workshop for parents/guardians/carers free 20171117T023110Z 20171121T084500 20171121T103000 0 Garda Cyber Safety talk for students free 20171117T023110Z 20171121T190000 20171121T200000 0 Garda Cyber Safety talk for parents/guardians/carers free 20171117T023110Z 20171123T193000 20171123T203000 0 Second Year Information Meeting for parents/guardians/carers free 20171117T023110Z The PSA will show ‘The Farthest’.  All current parents/guardians/carers are welcome to come along and enjoy the film. 20171129T200000 20171129T220000 0 PSA Film Evening free 20171117T023110Z 20171204T193000 0 PSA Meeting free 1 20171117T023110Z 20171205T153500 0 School closed at 3.35pm free 1 20171117T023110Z 20171205T160000 20171205T184500 0 First Year Parent/ Teacher Meetings 4pm – 6.45pm free 20171117T023110Z First and Second Year music students will attend a lunchtime concert in the National Concert Hall. 20171207T110000 20171207T154500 0 Trip to National Concert Hall for students of music free 20171117T023110Z 20171222T130000 0 Last day of Winter term – Half-day free 1 20171117T023110Z 20180108T083000 20180108T093000 0 First day of Spring term free 20171117T023110Z 20180125T153500 0 School Closes 3.35pm free 1 20171117T023110Z 20180125T160000 20180125T184500 0 Parent/Teacher meetings for Second Year 4pm-6.45pm free 20171117T023110Z 20180209T133000 20180209T143000 0 School closes for mid-term break free 20171117T023110Z 20180219T083000 20180219T093000 0 School reopens after mid-term break free 20171117T023110Z 20180323T133000 20180323T143000 0 School closes for Spring term free 20171117T023110Z 20180409T083000 20180409T093000 0 School reopens for Summer term free 20171117T023110Z 20180524T140500 0 School closes 2.05pm free 1 20171117T023110Z 20180524T150000 20180524T163000 0 Transition Afternoon for First Year 2018-2019 free 20171117T023110Z 20180601T133000 0 School closes for summer holidays – Half Day free 1