Welcome to the Parent Staff Association of NWETSS. We represent all parents/guardians/carers of students attending the school. The Association’s role is defined in the Education Act (1998): namely to ‘promote the interests of the students, in co-operation with the board, Principal, teachers and the students of that school’.

PSA Committee
Chair: Natalie Butler
Vice-chair: Nick Breen
Secretary: Ramona Parkes
Treasurer: Dave Ballesty
Public Relations Office (PRO): Conn O Midheach
Event Co-ordinators: Fiona Moorman;  Catriona Rogan
Committee members: Rosalyn Winter; Evan Furlong; Anne Cody
Staff reps: Neil Butler; Mick Heffernan

Aims of the PSA:
• Provide a forum to represent the views of parents to the Principal and the Board of Management.
• Provide a forum for discussion and feedback on school policies.
• Provide a forum for discussion on general issues of interest or concern.
• Support the aims and objectives of the school.
• Encourage parent participation in school activities.
• Organise social events, information evenings and fundraisers.
• Uphold the Educate Together ethos.

Please read our PSA draft constitution for further information.

Can you help?
Perhaps you have a skill that the school might benefit from, or have some free time and could help with one of the many school activities. If you would like to offer help, please contact us at psa@northwicklowetsecondary.ie

Meeting schedule:
Monthly committee meetings are held on Mondays in the school. Next scheduled meeting:
• Monday 9th October @ 8.30pm

Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of PSA Meeting 22nd May 2017

Minutes of PSA meeting 22nd March 2017

Minutes of PSA meeting 24th April 2017

A communication channel for parents/guardians/carers has been set up so that those who can not make meetings can be included. Please refer to our Facebook closed group:

It was also suggested that a register of Parents/Guardians’ contact details be circulated to the group. If you wish to be included on this registry, please fill in your details here: