Social Personal and Health Education, also known as SPHE, is part of the Junior Cycle schools curriculum.  It supports the personal development, health and wellbeing of young people and helps them create and maintain supportive relationships.

This is a non-examinable, compulsory subject that students participate in once a week. The SPHE curriculum aims to enable our students to develop skills for self-fulfilment and living in communities, to promote self-esteem and self-confidence, to develop a framework for responsible decision-making, to provide opportunities for reflection and discussion and to promote physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Students often work in pairs and small groups to discuss the various topics and carry out research which they present back to the class group based on their findings.

Through participating in the SPHE programme each learner will encounter a wide range of issues through a variety of learning experiences. These issues will be addressed in ten modules, each of which appears in each year of the three-year cycle. The emphasis will be on building skills, understanding, attitudes and values important in all these areas. Some of the modules included focus on the areas of friendships, relationships and sexuality and substance abuse.

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